Bancassurance products from Byblos Bank: providing an added measure of financial security for you and your family
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The availability of Bancassurance is more important than ever to increasing numbers of Byblos Bank customers, and we are gratified that our Group partner, ADIR Insurance, offers these products and services throughout our extensive branch network. This enables our clients to plan for the unexpected, all while enjoying the kind of personalized attention they expect and deserve.

Why choose Byblos Bank?
  • Efficient Service: the contract is delivered immediately at the branch and the coverage of life and investment plans starts from the moment you sign the contract.
  • Nationwide Presence: all Bancassurance products can be subscribed to at any of Byblos Bank's dozens of branches across Lebanon.
  • Convenience: no need to go to the branch once your contract is signed because your premiums are automatically debited from your account.
  • Versatility: for products with an investment component, you can choose to invest in either local or international capital markets.

*All coverage underwritten by ADIR Insurance

How many car accidents happen every day? Now you can secure reliable coverage against third-party liability to cover material damage and/or bodily injury with Byblos Bank’s Insure Your Car plan.
University and postgraduate studies are my child's key to a successful future, and because tuition fees increase every year, it's never too early to start saving for his education.
I’ve thought long and hard about how to keep helping my loved ones after I’m gone, and Byblos Bank has the answer. Insure My Income gives me the opportunity to guarantee a steady income for my family over a period of one or two years, and at a starting cost of just USD 2 per month.
Life insurance is the cornerstone of my family's financial security. It protects my financial resources against the uncertainties of life so I can secure a stable future for my loved ones.
Retirement Insurance Plan can help me supplement the retirement income provided by the state, my employer and/or any professional organization(s) to which I belong.
Meet government requirements with added coverage of up to USD 500,000 against bodily injury to third parties. All for just LBP 66,000 a year.
You deserve the financial security supplied by Investment and Protection plans, so act now to save big on Bancassurance from Byblos Bank.
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