Placing Emerging Lebanese Photographers in the Heart of the Artistic Photography Market

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Photography Program
Creativity is a real and renewable resource, so in 2012 we initiated the Byblos Bank Photography Program to support Lebanese art in general and emerging Lebanese photographers in particular.

The Program aims to assist the establishment of photography as a standalone art in Lebanon, and therefore to help create a professional market for that art and its practitioners. In particular, the Program is tailored to provide emerging Lebanese photographers with the right tools and a suitable environment, allowing them to develop their talent and dedicate more time to doing what they love.

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Why Photography?
Every day, millions of pictures are taken and uploaded to the Internet. This means that photography has become part of our daily lives, and its widespread use through multiple platforms and technologies has made it an increasingly popular and powerful form of expression.

Photography is also an important form of art, which has its own market(s) in various parts of the world. In Lebanon, however, its status as a fully fledged art form has yet to obtain the recognition it deserves, and this despite the presence of talented photographers, accomplished gallerists, and other experts in the field, as well as a dynamic but inconsistent market. Byblos Bank’s decision to support photography stems from a determination to help bridge these gaps, allowing Lebanon to realize more of its potential.

Byblos Bank believes that supporting photography as an art form and helping to create a self-sustaining market for it will not just benefit artists, but also enrich the community as a whole by creating cultural cohesion and a sense of stability and belonging. This will necessarily lead to stronger growth and greater economic prosperity in Lebanon.
The Byblos Bank Award for Photography
The Award

The Byblos Bank Award for Photography is the driving force of the Bank’s Photography Program. The Award was launched in 2012 in collaboration with the BEIRUT ART FAIR, the goals being to give emerging Lebanese photographers a viable platform to develop their talent, break into the photography market, and gain more exposure. 
The Award is a comprehensive competition whose credibility derives from transparent procedures, qualified judges, and valuable prizes:  
  • Call for submissions 
  • Selection of finalists 
  • Exhibition of finalists’ work at the BEIRUT ART FAIR
  • Announcement of the winner 
  • Mentoring program for the winner 
  • Solo exhibition for the winner (“Winner’s Exhibition”)

The Objective

Bringing emerging Lebanese photographers closer to gallerists, photography experts, and the media is a core objective of the Byblos Bank Award for Photography. By placing Lebanese photographers at the center of the artistic photography market, we provide several practical advantages: 
  • Helping them sell their photography
  • Helping them develop their talents and skills
  • Giving them visibility
  • Introducing them to art lovers and connoisseurs  

Terms and Conditions

  • Lebanese citizens residing in Lebanon
  • Emerging photographers between 18 and 45 years old
  • Have not yet had a solo exhibition in Lebanon
  • Not a Byblos Bank employee
  • Not a BEIRUT ART FAIR employee

Entry requirements

  • Five photographs under one or more themes  
  • Presentation text for each theme, preferably in English 

Selection Process

In April, the BEIRUT ART FAIR issues a call for entries for the Byblos Bank Award for Photography through Facebook. The same call is also published on the Bank’s dedicated photography page on Facebook, Purple Lens by Byblos Bank. Participants are chosen based on five photos and the accompanying presentation text(s) submitted by each. An international jury of experts in photography selects the 10 finalists, each of whom exhibits a photo at Byblos Bank’s booth at the BEIRUT ART FAIR. The name of the winner is announced on the last day of the Fair.  

The Prize

Winners of the Byblos Bank Award for Photography receive:
  • An expert mentoring program in collaboration with the BEIRUT ART FAIR: This is aimed at helping recipients enhance their style and technique, and learn how to organize their own exhibitions. 
  • A solo exhibition at Byblos Bank Headquarters: This allows winners to showcase their work to Byblos Bank’s considerable customer base, many of whom are committed appreciators, connoisseurs, and/or consumers of art, and to start making a living from their talent by selling their photographs.  
  • A personalized catalog: This is an essential tool to help recipients promote their work and sell their photographs to local and international galleries. 
  • A targeted media campaign: Byblos Bank gives each winner special coverage in local media, ensuring additional exposure and visibility. 



Carmen Yahchouhi: pursuing a degree in Photography at Notre-Dame University (NDU). 

Carmen Yahchouchi was announced winner of the 2015 Byblos Bank Award for Photography on Sunday, 20 September 2015 during a ceremony that took place at the BEIRUT ART FAIR in Biel, in the presence of renowned photographers, experts, collectors and photography enthusiasts.


  1. • Charles ASSAF
  2. • Yara BSAIBES
  3. • Tarek HADDAD
  4. • Lina HASSOUN
  5. • Lara KARAM
  6. • Elsn LAHOUD
  7. • Lama MATTAR
  8. • Mahmoud MERJAN
  9. • Nasri SAYEGH
  10. • Carmen YAHCHOUCHI

Jury Members

  1. • Dimitri Beck (President): Editor-in-Chief of the Paris based photojournalism publication, Polka Magazine.
  2. • Roger Moukarzel: Professional photographer and veteran photojournalist recognized for his war photo-documentaries.
  3. • Thierry van Biesen: Artistic Director and world-renowned fashion photographer.
  4. • Abraham Karabajakian: Cofounder of KA collection, a private collection of modern and contemporary art, on display in Beirut in a private Art space open to the public.
  5. • Vanessa Quang: Founder of her eponym gallery and cofounder of SHOW OFF first alternative fair to the FIAC in 2006, which became VARIATION media art fair.



Myriam Boulos: holds a Masters degree in Photography from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA). 

Myriam Boulos was announced the winner of the 2014 Byblos Bank Award for Photography on Sunday, 21 September 2014. The ceremony took place at the BEIRUT ART FAIR, held at the Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center (BIEL), in the presence of internationally acclaimed photographers, experts, collectors, and photography enthusiasts.


  1. • May ARIDA
  2. • Hussein BAYDOUN
  3. • Angelo BEAINI
  4. • Myriam BOULOS
  5. • Sandra FAYAD 
  6. • Shogh IAN
  7. • Danielle KASSOUF
  8. • Diana MEHREZ
  9. • Richard SAMMOUR
  10. • Nina SHARABATI

Jury Members

  1. • Renaud Bergonzo: Director and Co-founder of « Acte2galerie », a renowned art gallery  in Paris.  
    • Jack Dabaghian: Award-winning photographer, well known for his work on ethnic tribes in Africa. 
    • Tony El-Hage: Professional photographer and member of the Executive Committee at Photomed. 
    • Dimitri Beck: Editor-in-Chief and Founding Member of Polka Magazine, and a lecturer on photojournalism.
  2. • Tarek Nahas: Lawyer and Photo Collector.



Ghaleb Cabbabé: holds a Masters degree in Architecture from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) and the École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) in Paris. Also studied Photography at the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague.    

Ghaleb Cabbabé was announced the winner of the 2013 Byblos Bank Award for Photography on Sunday, 22 September 2013, during a ceremony at the BEIRUT ART FAIR at BIEL. 

  1. • Ghaleb CABBABÉ
  2. • George DAOU
  3. • Alia HAJU 
  4. • Lina HASSOUN
  5. • Samar HAWA
  6. • Richard SAMMOUR
  7. • Charbel SAWAYA 
  8. • Lara TABET 
  9. • Charbel TORBEY
  10. • Jacques VARTABEDIAN

Jury Members

  1. • Patrick Baz: a famous Lebanese photographer, Middle East photo manager
      for AFP; winner of several prestigious photography awards.
    • Renaud Bergonzo: Director and Co-founder of Galerie Acte2, a famous 
      photography gallery in Paris. 
    • François Cheval: Director of Nicéphore Nièpce Museum in Paris. 
    • Patrick Codomier: Director of VU Agency and in charge of relations between
  2.   photographers and the press.
  3. • Gilbert Hage: a renowned photographer and lecturer at ALBA; Co-publisher and
      Co-editor of Underexposed Books.  



Dory Younes: holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the American University of Beirut (AUB). 

Dory Younes was awarded the Byblos Bank Award for Photography during a ceremony held on Sunday, 8 July 2012, at the BEIRUT ART FAIR at BIEL.

  1. • Valentina AZZI
  2. • Hussein BEYDOUN
  3. • Ghaleb CABBABÉ
  4. • Joe ELIAS
  5. • Usra EL MADHOUN
  6. • Dima HAJJAR
  7. • Mher KRIKORIAN
  8. • Vanessa MOUAWAD
  9. • Johnny TAWK
  10. • Charbel TORBEY
  11.  Yann TRABOULSI
  12.  Philippe TYAN
  13.  Dory YOUNES
  14.  Lara ZANKOUL
  15.  Marwan ZGHEIB

Jury Members

  1. • Nadim Asfar: Lebanese photographer and filmmaker.
    • Camille Bécam: Project Manager, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris.
    • Emmanuelle Hascoёt: Exhibition Manager, Cultural Department, Magnum Photos.
    • Roger Moukarzel: internationally published documentary and fashion 
      photographer and founder of minime, a photography production house.
  2. • Nada Tawil: Head of Group Communication Department at Byblos Bank.

Byblos Bank Award Winner’s Exhibition
The Byblos Bank Award Winner’s Exhibition is a solo exhibition organized every year for the winner of the Byblos Bank Award for Photography. The show is preceded by an expert mentoring program that allows the winner to sharpen his/her skills in order to better showcase his/her work at Byblos Bank Headquarters. 
This important event is promoted through both a targeted media campaign and a personal catalog created exclusively for the winner’s solo exhibition. Specialized media and art connoisseurs are invited to the exhibition in order to provide the winner with maximum exposure. 

“Urban Landscapes”: Solo exhibition by Dory Younes, winner of the 2012 Byblos Bank Award for Photography

Dory Younes’ Winner’s Exhibition, “Urban Landscapes”, was held at Byblos Bank Headquarters from 17-21 April 2013. The twenty photos displayed during this exhibition featured a new form of artistic expression of urban life.
“My experience throughout the Byblos Bank Award competition was very rewarding as the Bank gave me the opportunity to improve my work and boost my career in photography. Competitions such as this help indeed to spark and inspire creativity among young artists.” – Dory Younes 

“Ahlein”: Solo exhibition by Ghaleb Cabbabé, winner of the 2013 Byblos Bank Award for Photography

Ghaleb Cabbabé’s Winner’s Exhibition, “Ahlein”, took place at Byblos Bank Headquarters from 8-12 April 2014. It consisted of 20 photos featuring a new artistic expression about the daily lives of foreigners in Lebanon.
“Winning the Byblos Bank Award for Photography was a unique opportunity that allowed me to create my first solo exhibition in Lebanon under the mentoring and artistic direction of the BEIRUT ART FAIR, and with the full support and promotion of Byblos Bank.” – Ghaleb Cabbabé 

Solo exhibition by Myriam Boulos, winner of the 2014 Byblos Bank Award for Photography

Myriam Boulos’ first solo exhibition “Nightshift” took place at Byblos Bank Headquarters from 22-26 April 2015. It featured unique photographs unveiling the nocturnal world of Lebanese youth through the artistic eye of Myriam Boulos. 
“Photography gives me the chance to enter this universe, where I cast my subjects in full light to express my own vision. I capture a moment, a story.” – Myriam Boulos 

Solo exhibition by Carmen Yahchouchi, winner of the 2015 Byblos Bank Award for Photography

Carmen Yahchouchi’s first solo exhibition is scheduled to take place at Byblos Bank Headquarters in April 2016. 

Photomed is a renowned Mediterranean photography festival launched in May 2011 at Sanary on France’s Var coast. Today it is held in a different Mediterranean country each year in collaboration with emerging artists from the region.

In January 2014, Byblos Bank and Photomed launched a new partnership as part of the Bank’s mission to support photography in Lebanon. Under this arrangement, Byblos Bank hosted the festival’s main event, an exhibition by renowned Italian photographer Nino Migliori. 

Why Photomed?

Organizing annual Photomed events in Lebanon paves the way for cultural exchanges between the various countries of the Mediterranean and allows Lebanese photographers to meet and see the works of true masters in photography from other parts of the region. 

Photography also has the virtue of being an intrinsically universal language, which allows everyone to form an idea of what an artist wishes to express through the prism of his or her own culture. 

Activities and events 

2014: Nino Migliori’s exhibition at Byblos Bank Headquarters
In January 2014, Byblos Bank hosted distinguished photographer Nino Migliori’s exhibition, centerpiece of the year’s Photomed Lebanon. The exhibition included 100 photos taken by Migliori. 

2015: Mimmo Jodice’s exhibition at Byblos Bank Headquarters
In January 2015, Byblos Bank hosted an exhibition by another award-winning Italian photographer, Mimmo Jodice, at its Headquarters. The exhibition included 63 medium-format black-and-white photographs taken by Jodice. 

2016: Édouard Boubat’s exhibition at Byblos Bank Headquarters
In January 2016, Byblos Bank will host an exhibition by renowned French humanist photographer, Édouard Boubat, at its Headquarters. The exhibition will feature a series of photographs reflecting Boubat’s scintillating vision of the Mediterranean basin.

Purple Lens by Byblos Bank
Purple Lens by Byblos Bank is the official Facebook page of Byblos Bank’s Photography Program. The page is entirely dedicated to photography and aims to create an online community built around common interests. 

Launched in April 2014, the page features an interesting and diverse set of information, videos and pictures about photography. It also promotes the works of local and international photographers, especially those who have participated in the Byblos Bank Award for Photography.  

Official Facebook page of Byblos Bank's Photography Program
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