Our corporate citizenship is built on three central pillars – Culture, Education, and the Environment
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Over the years, Byblos Bank has contributed to the implementation and success of numerous initiatives all over Lebanon. We feel very proud of our achievements and look forward to making a difference in the lives of more people and communities in the future. Some of our major projects, beginning with the most recent, are listed below:


      Byblos Bank launches pioneering campaign aimed at cleaning up Lebanon’s coastal waters, an effort that continues to inspire similar projects today.
        Byblos Bank was the first in Lebanon to link one of its products to a fully fledged environmental initiative, pledging to plant one cedar tree in the name of each Lebanese working outside the country who signs up for an Expatriate Housing Loan to build or buy a residence in his or her homeland. The effort, which is ongoing, has yielded hundreds of new saplings at Byblos Bank Eternal Corner, a designated spot in the Barouk Cedars Reserve where we tend to our trees.
        • Donation of USD 500,000 to Notre-Dame University (NDU) to support construction of new campus buildings.
        • Donation of USD 600,000 to the Lebanese American University (LAU) to establish a new building named after the late Semaan Melkan Bassil, father of Byblos Bank’s Chairman and General Manager, Dr. François Bassil.
        • The Bank provided generous support to the annual Byblos Festival for 11 consecutive years, enabling it to become one of Lebanon’s most important cultural events and adding yet another reason for tourists to visit the ancient coastal city of Jbeil. The festival has also become vital to a healthy economic cycle in the region.

        Donation by Dr. François Bassil of land worth USD 120,000 for the Lebanese Red Cross to establish a new facility, including a blood donation center, in Jbeil.
        Donation of USD 1 million to the Higher Relief Commission to help victims of bombing incident in Jeitawi.
        • Donation of USD 2 million to the Lebanese Army Fund to help the families of fallen service members.
        • Donation of USD 99,000 to the United Nations Children’s Fund to support schools in Jbeil and Kesserwan.
        • Byblos Bank sponsors “Hayda Lebnen,” a series on LBCI Television that helps Lebanese to learn more about their diverse country, the memorable individuals who have shaped its history, its remarkable landmarks, museums and historical sites, and its extensive collection of charming villages, striking mountains, life-giving rivers, and crucial nature reserves.
        • Donation of approximately USD 4 million toward reconstruction of the Fidar Bridge, a key span connecting areas within Mount Lebanon and the entire region with the rest of the country, after it was destroyed by an Israeli air strike.
        • Byblos Bank’s “Ana Lebnani” (“I am Lebanese”) campaign strikes a poignant chord against sectarianism, remaining a cultural reference to this day.
        • Donation of USD 90,000 to the Jbeil Municipality to help build a new public park.

        Donation of USD 271,000 through the Association of Banks in Lebanon to support the National Forest Fire-Fighting Campaign.
        • Donation of USD 37,000 to support establishment of a dealing room for the training of the students of the Faculty of Finance at NDU.
        • Donation of USD 500,000 to the American University of Beirut to establish the AUB Byblos Bank Art Gallery.

        Donation of USD 500,000 to the Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association to support its Makassed Hospital Cancer Fund.
        • Donation of USD 250,000 to help build new auditorium for the Sports and Innovation Campus at the University of St. Joseph (USJ).
        • Launch of a series of painting exhibitions at Byblos Bank Headquarters to support Lebanese art, beginning with the works of Choucrallah Fattouh and Charbel Samuel Aoun.

        • Initiation of a lengthy process to transform Byblos Bank Headquarters in Ashrafieh into a “Green Building.”
        • Donation of USD 2 million for the renovation of Byblos Souks in Jbeil.
        • Renewal of the Bank’s longstanding commitment to supporting talented young Lebanese by establishing the Byblos Bank Award for Photography, aimed at providing exposure and support to help deserving photographers launch viable careers.
        • Hosting by Byblos Bank of three painting exhibitions for renowned artists Hrair and Norikian and emerging painter Rawia Zantout.

        • Second edition of Byblos Bank Award for Photography designed to provide exposure and support to help deserving photographers launch viable careers.
        • Opening of American University of Beirut Byblos Bank Art Gallery, dedicated to hosting temporary exhibitions and programs relating primarily to contemporary art.
        • Reopening of the historic Jbeil Souks following renovations financed by Byblos Bank.

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