Our corporate citizenship is built on three central pillars – Culture, Education, and the Environment
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Primary Areas of Interest
Byblos Bank’s CSR activities are concentrated in three areas where we see genuines need for our support, strong prospects for real benefits to flow from our involvement, and a combination of individual and societal merit:

  • Culture
    Cultural production is one of the ingredients that make a society unique, and Lebanon’s amazing diversity provides it with an especially rich cultural mosaic that combines the talents and traditions of multiple communities and countless genres. Byblos Bank’s focus on artistic photography as a contemporary art medium empowers Lebanon and the Lebanese to get the most out of these assets in the here and now. At the same time, our dedication to promoting Lebanon’s rich heritage pays homage to our shared national roots – and those who have tended them in the past.  

    • Photography: The Bank strives to help young Lebanese photographers boost their careers by placing them at the heart of the art market and giving them access to the media, gallery owners, and expert advice. This not only enables the photographers in question to gain greater rewards and recognition from the fuller use of their talents, but also enriches the lives of all Lebanese by improving both the quantity and the quality of authentically local perspectives on art and everything it touches. Photography, after all, is not just an art form that is accessible to all; it is also a highly effective tool for the dissemination of compelling messages about crucial issues.

    • Heritage: Byblos Bank established its Heritage Program to help protect, renovate, and showcase the surviving monuments to Lebanon’s unique history, honoring their importance in the past, present, and future alike. The Program includes sponsorship and support for various stakeholders’ efforts, not just to raise awareness but also to realize modern benefits like sustainable development that provides jobs and other opportunities for local residents, giving them the resources they need to remain rooted in their homeland. This will help Lebanon advance its position in the community of nations by providing a model for cultural preservation that also generates wide-ranging socioeconomic benefits.
  • Education
    Byblos Bank pursues a variety of initiatives aimed at broadening access to education because nothing else is so fundamental to human development on every level, from the individual to the society of which he or she is a member. We therefore seek to equip as many youths as possible to play productive roles as adults. The Bank maximizes the impact of these endeavors by acting through special cooperation agreements with major schools and universities in Lebanon, allowing us to support beneficial activities, offer scholarships, and fund campus facilities that enable partner institutions to better serve their students. 

    • Financial Literacy: Byblos Bank established its Financial Literacy Program in order to raise awareness and empower consumers to take charge of their financial futures. Initiatives under this banner are designed to familiarize consumers with basic economic and financial terms and concepts that have so much effect on their personal finances and therefore on their daily lives. Byblos Bank undertakes these activities because we know that the healthiest economies are inclusive ones, where greater financial awareness leads to more significant participation by a broader cross-section of society, and to expanded potential for growth and development. 

  • Environment
    Byblos Bank is committed to a cleaner and healthier environment, which is the best gift that one generation can bequeath to another. Nothing better exemplifies this commitment than our work to protect the Cedar of Lebanon, easily this country’s most recognized national symbol but now under threat from factors such as poaching, neglect, and poorly planned development. The Bank acts on its commitment in other ways as well, including the integration of environmental criteria into virtually all aspects of its decision-making processes.   

    • Cedar Reforestation: Over the years Byblos Bank has led, funded, and/or participated in multiple efforts to raise awareness, safeguard existing Cedar forests, and expand the noble tree’s presence by engaging in ambitious replanting/reforestation programs with several partners.  
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