Our corporate citizenship is built on three central pillars – Culture, Education, and the Environment
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Byblos Bank is extremely proud of all the shared gains generated by its efforts to make a difference in the communities it serves – and therefore determined to bring about even better results in the future. As we acquire more and more experience with these communities, so do we develop our ability to maximize the effect of our support by selecting the right projects at the right times and places.

If you are considering submitting a request for funding, please keep in mind that the Bank selects most of its projects for the coming year each September. Projects presented for consideration after that date have less chance of receiving funding because by this time, our financial and human resources usually have already been allocated for planned projects.

What makes your project qualify for funding?

Please take note of the following before you submit your request:

  • New projects must fall within Byblos Bank’s current strategy, as defined by the three areas of emphasis: culture, education, and the environment;
  • The more your project is innovative and challenges the status quo, the more chances you have of gaining the Bank’s support;
  • Applicants should outline the impact they expect their project to have (number of beneficiaries/attendees, key performance indicators, expected return on investment, etc.);
  • Applications should include detailed budget requirements in order to ensure that the requisite planning has been carried out. They should clearly state the exact amount applicants expect to receive from Byblos Bank;
  • Applicants should also describe the target audience for their project, which is essential for the Bank to predict how much impact it can have by extending its support and/or use of its brand name.


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