Byblos Bank is committed to the preservation of Lebanon's rich cultural heritage

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Byblos Bank’s Heritage Program reflects our commitment to helping with the preservation and/or restoration of some of Lebanon’s most cherished cultural landmarks. National heritage tells the story of a country and its people, and Lebanon has one of the richest and most diverse tales ever told. Named for what many scientists regard as the oldest continuously inhabited city on Earth, Byblos Bank is keenly aware of these age-old roots, and of the responsibility to protect them for future generations. 
Why Heritage?
Lebanon is widely renowned for the numerous wonders bequeathed to us by its ancient cultural roots, including no fewer than five UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Anjar, Baalbeck, Byblos, the Qadisha Valley, and Tyre. These sites testify to an age-old mix of cultures, each with its own ideas, beliefs traditions, art, and literature. This made the country an unmatched meeting point of cultures and civilizations, and enriched modern-day Lebanon with a highly aspirational and industrious people. 
For Byblos Bank, Lebanon’s national heritage is more than worth the cost of preservation because it carries incalculable value, not just on the symbolic level but also in real-world, tangible terms. 

We want every Lebanese to appreciate the full significance of what they have inherited, how rare and precious it is, how revealing it is about our ancestors, how instructive it is for our current and future decision-making – and how fragile it can be in the face of ignorance and neglect. 
Jbeil Souks Renovation
Considered as the flagship project of Byblos Bank’s Heritage Program, this venture was made possible thanks the Bank’s provision of USD 3 million in grants to the Jbeil Municipality, which allowed it to complete Phases I and II of an extensive renovation works that included master craftsmen restoring facades throughout the traditional commercial area of the ancient city of Byblos.  In so doing, Byblos Bank has helped to revive the famous souks, boosting tourism traffic and improving the quality of life for all residents. 

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