Byblos Bank is committed to the reforestation of Lebanon so it remains the “Land of the Cedars”.

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Cedar Reforestation Program
Lebanon has been famous for its Cedars for thousands of years, but just a few decades of neglect have made these natural treasures a rare sight in their own native land.

Reversing this trend has become a must for our country, especially since the majestic beauty and unique properties of Cedrus Libani have made it a cherished national symbol for all Lebanese: a tree that stands the test of time and remains firmly rooted in the soil of their homeland.

Byblos Bank has always embraced its role in resolving this crisis, and every day makes us more determined to ensure that Lebanon is forever known as the “Land of the Cedars.” The Bank has demonstrated its commitment to Cedar reforestation with multiple impactful initiatives over the years – and we’re far from finished.
Byblos Bank/Shouf Reserve Bio-Corridor Reforestation Initiative
Now we’re thrilled to have launched our latest program to preserve our nation’s forests, the Byblos Bank/Shouf Reserve Bio-corridor Initiative, in partnership with the Shouf Biosphere Reserve (home to Lebanon’s largest remaining natural Cedar forest) and the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative, a project funded by the US Agency for International Development.

The Bio-corridor will consist of 10,000 trees forming a direct link between the Cedar forests of Barouk and Masser el Shouf with the oak forests above Ammik, significantly improving survival rates for Cedars and numerous other species. Covering some 15 hectares of land currently lacking substantial vegetation, the effort is aimed at achieving improvements on a variety of levels, including reduced habitat fragmentation and increased genetic diversity.

The area will be planted with Cedars as the major species, interspersed with smaller proportions of other trees. The Initiative also includes the hiring for three years of a forest ranger to oversee the reforestation plan, the erection of a fence to protect seedlings from grazing, installation and operation of an irrigation system, and weed management, also for a period of three years

The Lebanese Are Losing It
The Byblos Bank Bio-corridor Initiative follows a national awareness campaign launched on Independence Day 2013, and focused on threats to Lebanon’s Cedars and efforts to protect them. The visual centerpiece of this campaign was an acclaimed television commercial that featured people of several different nationalities practicing Lebanese customs. The advertisement illustrates the pride every Lebanese should feel at having exported so many of our traditions, but only if we don’t lose them ourselves, especially the natural marvel that unites us all and symbolizes our national identity: our Cedar. 

As soon as the campaign video was posted online under the title “The Lebanese are losing it,” it went viral via the blogosphere and various social media platforms. The YouTube video
reached 37,000 views in the first week, making it far and away the most watched bank advertisement in Lebanon – ever. 

In addition to publicizing the  peril facing the Cedars, the campaign also has taken concrete steps to do something about it – and helped others to do the same. Foremost among these has been the distribution of Cedar Adoption kits in conjunction with Cedars box and Jouzour Loubnan. As a result of this venture, some 3,000 Cedars have been planted at four locations: Ehden, Ehmej, Kfarbedian, and Zaarour. 

If you have r
eceived a complimentary Cedars box as a gift from Byblos Bank, please do the following:
  1. 1- Fill out the form below, complete with the serial number provided in your box. 
  2. 2- Validate your e-mail address in the automatic e-mail we will send to you once you complete the form.
  3. 3- Keep your official Certificate of Adoption, complete with the precise GPS coordinates of where your tree has been planted, that you will receive shortly after the validation of your e-mail address so you can visit your tree when you want.
Click here to access the form.
Strong Roots
The roots of our commitment to Lebanon’s national tree go back to 2007, when the Bank launched both an unprecedented publicity campaign and a well-conceived Cedar planting program alongside the Shouf Biosphere Reserve’s own tree adoption activities.  

Today, the reserve’s Byblos Bank Eternal Corner is home to Cedars planted on behalf of our Expatriate Housing Loan clients in order to bond them forever with their homeland. Over eight years we have planted some 800 Cedars at Eternal Corner, accounting for more than a quarter of all such plantings at the reserve.
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