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A Powerful Boost for Photography

For years, the BYBLOS BANK AWARD has supported artistic photography by emerging Lebanese photographers who are less than 45 years old and still little-known to the general public, helping them to promote their work and build their careers – and thereby helping to develop a self-sustaining local photography market.


This annual Award was established in order to:

  • Recognize excellence and innovation in the work of Lebanese photographers
  • Promote the discovery of new artistic talents in Lebanon
  • Contribute to the establishment of photography as a standalone art in Lebanon


Each year the BYBLOS BANK AWARD followed a rigorous process to select a laureate whose work was then promoted before both the public in general and the art community in particular. The overall objective was to expose the winning artist to successful art professionals who can help her or him gain a national and even international reputation.


All laureates have benefited from a mentoring program led by a career artist and focused on preparing their first solo exhibitions, which have been hosted at Byblos Bank Headquarters and accompanied by media and advertising campaigns, and the publication of Exhibition Catalogs to further promote their work and raise awareness of their approach to the art.