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  • Photography
Launched in 2012, the Byblos Bank Photography Program is aimed at helping emerging Lebanese photographers take their careers to the next level by placing them at the heart of the art market and giving them access to the media, gallery owners, collectors, and expert advice. We selected photography in particular because it is accessible to everyone while also being a highly effective way of sharing compelling messages about crucial issues. For us, supporting photography as an art form and helping to create a self-sustaining market for it will not just benefit artists, but also enrich the community as a whole. Our focus on emerging Lebanese photographers reflects our belief in their talent and our determination to make a difference for them in an environment where they often receive little or no support. 

The Byblos Bank Award for Photography

The annual Byblos Bank Award for Photography was launched in collaboration with BEIRUT ART FAIR to give emerging Lebanese photographers a visible platform while increasing public interest in photography as an art form. Since 2012, this well-organized competition, complete with transparent procedures, qualified judges, and valuable prizes, has been a showcase of incredible talent, generating plenty of buzz for deserving artists.  


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On Photography in Lebanon

In October 2018, Byblos Bank supported the publication of “On Photography in Lebanon”, a full-color book, edited by Clémence Cottard Hachem and Nour Salamé, which documents milestones in the development of the genre in this country. Published by Kaph Books, this collaborative effort took four years to research and features the insights and perspective of some 40 experts, one for each of the 40 forms of photography included in the book. The work contains no less than 380 photographs, using them to illustrate a wide-ranging examination of techniques, practices, uses, objects, images, histories, and artistic approaches.   

In both form and content, “On Photography in Lebanon” is intended as a tool, to be treated as an object that can itself be questioned, and, at the same time, as a flexible resource offering a multitude of answers to key questions, without being either exhaustive or didactic. It figures to have a lasting impact by documenting Lebanon’s photographic legacy and intrinsic role in celebrating our culture. The book also should inspire art lovers in general and emerging Lebanese photographers in particular, the latter being at the heart of the Byblos Bank Photography Program.


Purple Lens by Byblos Bank

Exclusively dedicated to photography, Purple Lens by Byblos Bank was designed to sustain a dynamic conversation with photography lovers. With both a Facebook page and an Instagram account, Purple Lens promotes the works of both international and local photographers, especially those who participated in the Byblos Bank Award for Photography.



In yet another initiative to inspire emerging Lebanese photographers, in recent years Byblos Bank brought four editions of Photomed, a festival launched in May 2011 at Sanary-sur-Mer on France’s Var Coast, to Lebanon, spreading appreciation for the works of world-renowned masters of photography, as well as those of both established and emerging photographers from various countries of the Mediterranean Basin.

The partnership between Byblos Bank and Photomed opened the way for a series of exhibitions specifically dedicated to Lebanese photography and photographers, and held at different locations in Beirut and its suburbs. The program also offered workshops, portfolio reviews, and guided exhibition tours, plus a photography contest in cooperation with the French Institute of Lebanon.   

Also as part of the Photomed partnership, for four years in a row, Byblos Bank hosted exhibitions of works by one or more master photographers at its Headquarters in Ashrafieh:

2014 Exhibition by renowned Italian photographer Nino Migliori displaying 100 memorable photos
2015 Exhibition by award-winning Italian photographer Mimmo Jodice featuring 63 medium-format black-and-white photographs
2016 Exhibition of works by the late renowned French humanist photographer Edouard Boubat, including 48 photographs reflecting his fascinating vision of the Mediterranean region
2017 A collective exhibition titled “Le Cinéma Italien” by renowned French photographers Richard Dumas and Alain Fleischer, and Italian photographer Sergio Strizzi