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Online Banking


Corporate Internet Banking

Actively manage your business’ finances safely and securely via Internet Banking

For business, online banking features a new secure portal that allows you to save time, paperwork, and money by controlling and monitoring your company's accounts and transactions from your laptop or desktop. Corporate Internet Banking from Byblos Bank Iraq makes it safe, easy, and intuitive to carry out numerous key tasks.


  • Dashboard

    Tailor your favorite panels to gain new perspectives on your business

  • Browsers

    All available browsers

  • Fees

    Free of charge

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  • Extra Security

    Extra Security

  • Username and password are required on each login, even for companies using View Only mode. Additional One-Time Password (OTP) is mandatory (as second factor authentication) for companies using Full Features mode. For more information, please click here 

  • Permissions Management

    Permissions Management

  • Allows you to effectively clone your company’s organizational hierarchy* and implement the same structure electronically to manage permissions for authorized users of Corporate Internet Banking 


    *Applies to all hierarchies, ranging from straightforward (single authorizer/user) to complex (multiple authorizers/users)

  • No Fees

    No Fees

  • No fees for online transactions (including transfers  between accounts inside Byblos Bank Iraq and salary domiciliation accounts); 

  • Accounts


    Manage your accounts, view statement histories, search for transactions, and export official account statements

    View copies of checks and/or SWIFT images

  • Transfers


    Perform transfers safely and securely by using the One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication Service
    Transfer funds in real time among the company’s accounts, (same currency or different currencies)
  • Trade Finance

    Trade Finance

    View all of your company’s active imports, exports, guarantees, and collections
  • Payroll Payments

    Payroll Payments

    Execute salary payments using the Salary Domiciliation feature
If you’re already a subscriber to Corporate Internet Banking, you can login here. If not, contact your Byblos Bank Iraq representative to learn more, sign up, and get started
Terms and Conditions
For more information on our Online Banking Terms and Conditions, please click here