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Salary Domiciliation

Domicile your salary and enjoy our products at discounted rates

Domiciled accounts allow clients to enjoy services at no or discounted commissions, and simplify the process for approval of loan/credit card applications


If you are a public sector employee, click here for more information.


    IQD, USD, or EUR


    24/7 ATM access

to Apply?



+964 751 1 20 50 50

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Give Us Your Feedback



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  • Multiple Currencies

    Multiple Currencies

    Freedom to select the basic currency of your card based on the account it’s tied to (IQD or USD), it being understood that the basic currency for any transaction on your card outside Iraq will be USD
  • 24/7 Customer Service

    24/7 Customer Service

    24/7 customer service at either +964 751 1 205050 or +961 1 205050, or visit
All clients are subject to compliance clearance measures prior to opening an account
For companies: legal documents should be newly certified from commercial register
For companies: all shareholders with stakes of 10% or more must provide “Know Your Customer” information
Required Documents
Individual Iraqi citizens: copy of ID
Individual non-Iraqi citizens: copy of Passport and Residency Card
Companies: Copy of ID (Iraqi citizens), OR Passport and Residency Card (non-Iraqi citizens) for authorized manager(s), and legal documents of the company

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