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Byblos Bank Stresses Unity In Independence Day Campaign

Beirut, 23 November 2018 – Byblos Bank has launched an Independence Day campaign that emphasizes the unifying power of Lebanon’s national anthem, honoring its traditional focus on what unites and should unite the Lebanese people as we mark the 75th anniversary of our country’s independence. 


Byblos Bank strongly believes that the anthem is a force for unity because it brings Lebanese together by evoking positive patriotic feelings. These feelings can only be fully experienced, however, by those who know the words – and the meanings behind them – by heart. Accordingly, the Bank’s Independence Day campaign is built around a high-quality 30-second video that highlights the value of the national anthem and the need to know its lyrics. 


As part of the campaign, Byblos Bank also hosted an event in the heart of Beirut, during which young students from Makassed recited the national anthem, and an impressive graffiti mural by Ghaleb Hawila bearing the anthem’s lyrics was unveiled.


Semaan Bassil, Chairman-General Manager of Byblos Bank, said the occasion was particularly important in the current circumstances. “The 22nd of November 2018 marked the 75th anniversary of Lebanon’s independence – an important day for our country, especially in these challenging times,” Mr. Bassil said, adding that “Byblos Bank encourages every Lebanese citizen to know and fully understand our national anthem, because every word is meaningful and reminds us of Lebanon’s heritage, history, traditions, and values.”


Byblos Bank has a long record of shedding light on key national issues through unique advertising campaigns that call for unity, harmony, and working together for a better Lebanon.


For more information, kindly contact: 
Elie Wehbé
Group Communication Department at Byblos Bank
Tel.: 01-335200 (Ext.: 0325)
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