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Byblos Bank AASSCC Visa

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Byblos Bank

Affinity and Co-Branded



Exclusively for members of the Amicale des Anciens des Soeurs des Saints-Coeurs

If you are a member of the Amicale des Anciens Soeurs des Saints-Coeurs, then Byblos Bank’s AASSCC Visa Credit Card is just for you. Enjoy many personal benefits while supporting an organization that has done so much for so many people: every time you use your AASSCC Visa to make a purchase, a percentage of the commission is directly transferred to the AASSCC at no additional cost to you. And like all Visa cards, this one can be used at all ATMs and points of sale that accept Visa worldwide.


    Local: Up to USD 7,500


    International: N/A


    Number of transactions per month: 150



    Local: Available in LBP up to counter value of USD 1,000 (official rate)


    International: N/A


    Number of transactions: 25


    Local: Included in local POS limit


    International: USD 25 per month


    Number of transactions: Included in POS number of transactions

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+961 1 20 50 50

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Special Benefits

  • Free Access to ByblosPay

    Free Access to ByblosPay

  • With ByblosPay, you don’t need to take out your wallet because you can simply use your smartphone to make payments safely on the go. See how here
  • Exclusive Features

    Exclusive Features

  • Free for life
    Special customized design
    Every time you use your AASSCC Visa to make a purchase, a percentage of the commission Byblos Bank earns from the seller is directly transferred to the AASSCC, thus supporting all its activities without your having to pay for anything
You must be a member of the Amicale des Anciens des Soeurs des Saints-Coeurs 
You should be at least 21 years old 
You should have a fixed salary or income (credit limit is calculated accordingly), or set your own limit by making a blocked deposit equal to 120% of the credit you require
Fees, Charges and Limits

Free for life
Monthly Limit starting at USD 1,000
Monthly Interest POS rate 1.75%
Monthly Interest ATM rate 2.25%

Required Documents
Copy of Valid ID or Passport
Proof of Income
Proof of Residence

The Bank may request additional proof of income
Monthly Payment
Flexible monthly payment options
Pay 5% (minimum USD 35), 10% (minimum USD 50), or 100% of the credit used
Example of Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
APR calculation includes card price, interest fees and account maintenance fee
Currency: USD
Monthly Limit: USD 3,000
Settlement payment: 10%
APR yearly: 22.8%