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Akram Program

What is Byblos Bank’s Akram Program?
Akram is Lebanon’s most generous card loyalty plan, rewarding cardholders for using their Byblos Bank cards by granting them Loyalty Points/Miles redeemable for a long list of exciting gifts, including household appliances and other consumer items, travel tickets, petrol, mobile minutes, and package deals on popular services.
Who can enroll in the Akram Program?
All holders of Byblos Bank debit and credit cards (LBP, USD or Euro), including supplementary cards, are automatically eligible for Akram. Enrolment is free of charge for both main and supplementary cardholders. 

How do I accumulate Loyalty Points/Miles?
Points are awarded for retail transactions, i.e. purchases and payments at all sorts of merchants and service providers: shops, malls, filling stations, restaurants, hotels, etc. Cash withdrawals do not qualify. Points are awarded as follows:

For Debit Cards:

  • Visa Electron: You will earn 1 Loyalty Point/Mile for every USD 2 or equivalent spent on your card
  • Visa Gold/Mastercard Titanium: You will earn 1 Loyalty Point/Mile for every USD 1.50 or equivalent spent on your card
  • Visa Platinum/Visa Priority/Mastercard Platinum: You will earn 1 Loyalty Point/Mile for every USD 1 or equivalent spent on your card
  • The Makers: You will earn 1 Loyalty Point/Mile for every USD 1 or equivalent spent on your card


For Credit Cards:

  • IPT Mastercard: You will earn 3 Loyalty Points/Miles for every USD 1 or equivalent spent on your card for petrol at IPT filling stations, and 1 Loyalty Point/Mile for every USD 1 or equivalent spent on your card for other items or at other locations
  • All Other Credit Cards: You will earn 1 Loyalty Point/Mile for every USD 1 or equivalent spent on your card


When do I start accumulating Loyalty Points/Miles?
You will start earning points from the moment you start using your card.

Do I have to pay a fee to be enrolled in the Akram Program?
No. Akram Program is FREE OF CHARGE for all holders of eligible cards issued by Byblos Bank.
If I hold multiple Byblos Bank cards, are they automatically linked to the same Akram Program account?
Each card you hold has its own Akram Program account linked to it. However, you can transfer all your points to the same account in order to qualify faster for the gifts you want.
Do I have to use my card at participating merchants to earn Loyalty Points/Miles?
No, you don’t. You can use your card at points of sale anywhere around the world that accept Visa or Mastercard and earn full points for your purchases. And when it comes time to redeem your points, you can choose any item mentioned on the Akram Program website, (http://cardsloyalty.byblosbank.com) or in the Card Loyalty booklet, for which you have accumulated a sufficient number of Loyalty Points/Miles. Participating merchants are those where you can collect the items purchased with your accumulated Loyalty Points/Miles once you have redeemed them for a voucher.
Does a supplementary cardholder on my card account share the same Akram Program account with me?
Yes, the supplementary cardholder shares the same Akram Program account as the main cardholder.
What are the rewards I can get?
Byblos Bank’s Akram Program entitles you to a wide variety of gifts, including travel vouchers, free mobile minutes, accessories, electronics, home appliances, sports equipment, travel packages, hotel stays, restaurants, payment of your card’s annual fee, and much more. For more information, please click here, or check out the Card Loyalty booklet.
How do I keep track of my Loyalty Points/Miles?
You can keep track of your points through the statement of account sent to you each month. In addition, you can inquire about your points balance through Internet Banking, or the Byblos Bank Mobile Banking App. You can also contact Customer Service at +961 1 20 50 50, where a representative will be happy to update you about your accumulated points, redemption options, and history of previous redemptions.

How do I redeem my points for rewards from participating merchants?
Once your balance allows you to exchange your points for a certain gift, you can either visit your nearest branch or call Customer Service at +961 1 20 50 50 to fill out a redemption request and get your voucher.

Can I redeem my Loyalty Points/Miles if my account is overdue or has been cancelled?
No. Your account should be in good standing at the time of redemption in order to be eligible for the reward.
When do my accumulated Loyalty Points/Miles expire?
Akram Program points expire three years from their original date of posting.
When does my voucher expire?
Vouchers expire three months from the date of issuance. For more information, please contact Customer Service at +961 1 20 50 50 or visit your nearest branch. Your Personal Banker will be glad to assist you.