All you need to know about identity theft

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All you need to know about identity theft

Keep in mind


When somebody uses your personal information to commit fraudulent acts, it means you have been a victim of identity fraud: that person has pretended to be you to draw out money from the ATM, order goods online, apply for credit cards or apply for loans. Using your identity, fraudsters can even apply for a mortgage or a job.


How to recognize if you’re a victim of identity fraud:

  • ATM withdrawals that you don’t recognize
  • Bills being paid from your account that aren’t your bills – this could be utilities or credit card repayments – even rent or mortgages
  • Unusual, unexpected or suspicious bank charges
  • Post addressed to you for new accounts, loans or other services that you have not applied for
  • An unexpected credit refusal



Regularly check statements to see if there are any unusual or unexpected charges.         

Never think it’s a waste of time to check your monthly statements – it’s worth checking just in case.


Keep all your personal details up to date – including all contact details such as your mobile phone number, your email address and your home address.

Never forget to inform the Bank immediately if any of your contact details change. 

Always check the SMS notifications sent from Byblos Bank.

Never reply to SMS messages from Byblos Bank with personal details, including your address, date of birth, PIN number or other bank account details. Byblos Bank will never ask for these details in an SMS.

Take time to review the Bank’s Checklist on how to recognize a fraudulent email.

Never convince yourself that fraud is something that only happens to other people. Fraud is widespread and can happen to you.