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Byblos Bank



Insure Your Car

Covers third-party liability

Anything can happen on the road, so Byblos Bank can help shield your future against the long-term cost of a moment’s inattention. Our Insure Your Car plan is ideal for your needs regardless of your car’s age, make, model, or horsepower. Get reliable coverage against third-party liability that includes material damage and/or bodily injury. When you choose Insure Your Car, underwritten by ADIR Insurance, you are selecting efficient service. The contract is delivered to you as soon as you sign the contract, and coverage starts the following day, backed by ADIR’s nationwide presence. Premiums are automatically debited from your Byblos Bank account.

  • Main Feature

    Additional coverage for driver and family members

  • Premium

    USD 6 per month

  • Coverage

    Up to USD 1 million

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Distinctive Features

  • Competitive Fees

    Competitive Fees

  • For only USD 6 per month you can cover the material damage your car causes to others (up to USD 1 million), in addition to coverage for the driver and any immediate family members who are passengers in your vehicle, as well as road emergency service. Save an additional USD 6 by paying the premium annually, i.e. USD 66 instead of USD 72.
  • 24-hour Emergency Road Assistance

    24-hour Emergency Road Assistance

  • Free 24-hour Emergency Road Assistance plan provided by F.A.S.T. Services, which assists you if your car breaks down anywhere in Lebanon.
  • Coverage


  • USD 5,000 in case of death
    USD 2,500 in case of total or partial permanent disability
    USD 750 for emergency medical expenses
  • Extended Coverage

    Extended Coverage

  • You can also cover passengers who are family members and anyone else who drives your car with authorization.

This Product Goes Well With

  • Visa Platinum

    Visa Platinum

    When your lifestyle demands more
    • Travel Coverage

      Compensation for flight/luggage delays

    • Akram Program

      USD 1 (or equivalent) = 1 Point/Mile

    • Monthly Limit

      Up to USD 7,000

  • Current Account

    Current Account

    The simplest solution for daily transactions and easy access to your money
    • Pick Your Currency

      LBP, USD, or EUR

    • Free DEBIT CARD

      24/7 ATM access

    • Optional OVERDRAFT Protection

      Cash when you need it

  • Pre-Owned Car Loan

    Pre-Owned Car Loan

    The easiest way to get behind the wheel
    • Financing

      Up to 72% of car price

    • Repayment Period

      1-5 years

    • Save Time

      Pre-approval available