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Insure Your Life

The ultimate peace of mind

Your life is important to many people, but especially those who rely on you: your spouse, your children, and other loved ones would face many challenges if you were gone – including significant financial ones. That’s why Byblos Bank offers Insure Your Life, a simple life insurance plan that covers both natural and accidental causes, with a guaranteed tariff schedule and the option to include protection against permanent and total disability. Insure Your Life is scalable, too, which means you can increase your coverage at any time by increments of USD 5,000, up to a maximum of USD 100,000. When you choose Insure Your Life, with all coverage underwritten by ADIR Insurance, you choose reliability and efficient service. The contract is delivered immediately after signing, and the coverage starts as soon as your first premium is settled. Premiums are automatically debited from your account.

  • Main Feature

    Covers all causes of death

  • Premium


  • Coverage

    Up to USD 100,000

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Distinctive Features

  • Guaranteed Tariff

    Guaranteed Tariff

  • What you pay throughout the duration of the plan is predefined as a function of your age group, the type of coverage you want, and the amount of coverage you choose. Even if your health condition changes, your coverage will continue and your rates will remain the same.
  • Advantages


  • You can subscribe to Insure Your Life at any time after your 18th birthday and before your 60th, and coverage continues until the age of 65.

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