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Army Housing Loan

A perk for our protectors

Members of the Lebanese Armed Forces put their lives on the line every day, and for that we all owe them more than we can ever pay. Byblos Bank’s Army Housing Loan recognizes the sacrifices made by our troops, waiving all fees to help them get the lifestyles they deserve, and members of other official security forces can also apply. 

  • Financing

    Up to LBP 525 million

  • Repayment Period

    7-25 years

  • Added Savings

    No fees or commissions

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Tell Us When to Call You



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You must be a member of the Lebanese Armed Forces. Applications from members of Internal Security Forces, General Security, and State Security must be approved by Army Housing Section 
By the end of the loan period your age should be less than 72 for officers and 68 for enlisted ranks 
You must have a minimum of two years of work experience in the same field
Your net monthly income should be at least LBP 900,000
Monthly payment should not exceed one-third of your salary/income
Loan application must be initiated through Army Housing Section 
Retired personnel must have pension or salary domiciliation at Byblos Bank
Cash collateral equal to 15% of loan amount should be provided, representing 10% reduction of loan amount and settlement of 5% applicant’s accrued membership fees at Army Housing Section
Required Documents

Please refer to Army Housing Section


Submit all original documents with application
Byblos Bank reserves the right to request additional documents if need be, and to accept or reject any application

Conditions and Guarantees

Available only in LBP 
Life insurance contracted through ADIR, a member of the Byblos Bank Group, paid over two-thirds of the loan period
Fire insurance on the home
First degree mortgage on the home


The Bank has the right to request additional guarantees in certain cases

Example of Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
APR calculation includes life insurance fees 
Currency: LBP
Client: 35 years old and in good health (based on the Bank’s medical questionnaire) 
Loan amount: LBP 500 million
Loan period in years: 15
Fixed interest rate: 1.628%
APR: 1.801%*
*With free mortgage and fire insurance fees

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