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Personal Loans


Personal Loan

Because life happens

Unexpected costs often hit when we least expect them, and Byblos Bank is the right place to find solutions. Our Personal Loan is designed for flexibility, empowering you to seize opportunities, avoid cash shortages, or deal with whatever else life throws at you. 


    Up to USD 50,000

  • Repayment Period

    Up to 5 years

  • Added Savings

    Competitive fees

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+961 1 20 50 50

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Tell Us When to Call You



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You must be a Lebanese citizen 
You must be less than 64 years of age at the end of the loan period
You should have at least two years of work experience in the same field
Your net monthly income should be at least LBP 900,000 (or equivalent in USD) for single applicants or LBP 1.2 million for married applicants
Monthly payment should not exceed one-third of your salary if you’re an employee or one-quarter of your income if you’re self-employed
Required Documents
Copy of Valid Photo ID or Passport
Proof of income
Proof of residence
Conditions and Guarantees

Available in both LBP and USD
Life insurance contracted through ADIR, a member of the Byblos Bank Group, covering the entire loan amount 


The Bank has the right to request additional guarantees in certain cases

Example of Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
APR calculation includes life insurance fees, stamp fees, quarterly commission, and filing fees 
Currency: USD
Client: in good health (based on the Bank’s medical questionnaire) 
Loan amount: USD 20,000
Loan period in years: 4
Fixed interest rate (regressive): 12%
APR: 15.731%

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