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Seven Years of Support to Artistic Photography


When Byblos Bank launched its Photography Program in 2012, our overriding goal was to bring about conditions in which emerging Lebanese photographers could grow and prosper – and we gave ourselves seven years to finish the job.


We knew it would take several years for our initiatives to ensure these conditions, and we went with seven in particular because it’s the world’s favorite “lucky number”, shared by peoples, faiths, and cultures from around the globe. Perhaps most fittingly, for many Chinese, seven represents togetherness – a perfect symbol for the fully-fledged photography community we sought to help establish.


Our plan was for all of the activities we will undertake to be mutually reinforcing, strengthening the entire artistic photography scene until it could support the emergence, development, and career ambitions of Lebanon’s most talented photographers.


That was the plan, that’s what we did, and that’s why we’re so proud of all the activities, initiatives, and achievements over seven years.


The decision to close the Byblos Bank Photography program on 2 May 2019 was a painful one. We find comfort in the fact that the local photography scene can now stand on its own two feet – and that we are leaving it in capable hands. No one could ask for a more satisfying legacy.


The major activities of our seven years of support to artistic photography are recapped here below: