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Byblos Christmas Tree

  • Byblos Christmas Tree
Each year, Byblos Bank lends it support for a signature Christmas Tree in Jbeil, site of the ancient town of Byblos, reaffirming our continuing belief in Lebanon and scoring valuable publicity points for the coastal city.

The annual project is carried out entirely by individuals from the local community, but its reputation has spread far and wide: Jbeil’s tree has made global top ten lists for three years in a row, earning mention in such prominent outlets as The Guardian, Le Figaro, and The Wall Street Journal.

The Byblos Christmas Tree also punctuates the Bank’s long history of supporting local development in Jbeil, including grants worth around USD 3 million that have enabled a thorough renovation of facades in the city’s traditional souks. These and other forms of support have contributed to an economic revival in Jbeil, generating new jobs and business opportunities that have empowered more members of the population to remain on the land of their forebears.
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